The Doll 2 - 2017

Horror, Thriller

Maira and Aldo`s young daughter, Kayla dies in a car accident. Maira becomes depressed and Aldo drowns himself in his work. Six months later, on Kayla`s birthday, strange things start to happen to Maira: a broken TV switches on by itself; she hears a child`s voice calling out for her; Kayla`s favourite doll, Sabrina often gets misplaced... Soon Maira feels like she is no longer alone and Elsa, her best friend, advises her to try communicating with Kayla, using Sabrina as a medium. Soon after, Maira is convinced that it is Kayla`s spirit that`s disturbing her. Maira tries telling Aldo, but her husband refuses to believe her. So, she contacts Bu Laras and Bagas for help. The two of them are paranormal investigators who experienced something similar years ago, but Bu Laras feels like this case is worse than the one before.

Language: Indonesian
Genre: Horror
Running Time: Not Available
Distributor: GSC Movies

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