You Again

Release Date: 21 Oct 2010

Official Website:

Classification: NA

Running Time: NA

Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures

Director: Andy Fickman


Kristen Bell - Marni
Odette Yustman - Joanna
Sigourney Weaver - Aunt Ramona
Betty White - Grandma Bunny
Jamie Lee Curtis - Gail
Kristin Chenoweth- Monique Leroux
Cloris Leachman - Helen
Christine Lakin - Taylor
James Wolk - Will (as Jimmy Wolk)
Victor Garber - Mark
Kyle Bornheimer - Tim
Patrick Duffy - Ritchie Phillips
Jenna Leigh Green- Heather
Shelby Young - (voice)
Billy Unger - Ben
Ashley Fink - Emo Sullenger
Henry G. Sandersn- Minister
Sean Wing - Charlie
Shanola Hampton - Nurse Tammy
Meagan Holder - Kendall
Kelly Karbacz - Lori Beth
Anna A. White - Former Cheerleader Louanne
Shannah Barrett - Sorority Girl in Photo
Brytni Sarpy - Former Cheerleader Marcia
Katy Dolle - Cheerleader
David Sheftell - 1970s Prom Guy
Bobby Burkey - Student
Paul Nygro - John Strauss
Christopher Khai - Geek Murata
Lionel D. Carson - Myron

"You Again" is about a young woman named Marni (Kristen Bell) who realises her brother is about to marry the girl that once bullied her back in school, so she sets out to expose her brother's new fiancee for the bully she really is.

Extra (HQ Wallpaper):

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